Saturday, January 25, 2014

In My Pantry: Raw Vegan Protein & Meal Replacer

I'm presently still stuck on the Garden of Life RAW Meal, this time in Vanilla.  I'm having a hard time switching to another brand because I know I like the taste and for the price, it's scary to jump into something new.  Also, it's raw.  Most of the other meal replacers are not a raw food.  For my protein, I just switched to the Hemp Pro 70 from Manitoba Harvest.

Why did I choose these two?  Keep reading!

Protein:  Manitoba Harvest Hemp Pro 70

  $29.99 for 16 oz
Serving size:  4 tbsp
Servings per container:  15
Flavors:  unflavored
Total Fat: 4.5g
Total Carbohydrate: 4.5g
Total Protein: 20g

I am actually a pretty big fan of this protein powder.  I have struggled with finding a low carb protein option since I decided to stop using soy.  It says the only ingredient is raw cold milled hemp protein, so I am assuming that this is in fact a raw food.  This pretty much makes this perfect in my book.  You can choose from several different formulas (Hemp Protein Vanilla or Chocolate, Hemp Pro Fiber, Hemp Pro 50, Hemp Pro 70), but the Pro 70 formula was exactly what I was looking for; water soluable, high protein, low carbohydrate, and perfect by it's self or mixed in to baking, smoothies, etc.  I am extremely happy I chose to switch to this protein.

Meal Replacer:  Garden of Life RAW Meal in Vanilla


Price:  $39.99 - $44.99
Serving Size:  1 scoop snack / 2 scoop meal
Servings per container:  28 / 14
Flavors:  Vanilla, Chocolate (Energy varieties also available)
Total Fat:  2.5g / 5g
Total Carbohydrates:  16g / 32g
Total Protein:  17g / 34g

I started in with the RAW Meal powders back in maybe... July or August?  I have consistently used them since.  They are a raw product, which automatically bumps them to the top of my list.  I like the textures and tastes, though they did once make my boss throw up (sorry, Kim!).  During holiday, I actually kept the Yerba Mate flavor in my locker with a blender bottle because I was working too much and the mall is essentially a food desert for me.  I honestly can't say enough to explain how life changing finding this meal replacer has been for me.  I highly recommend it to anyone who needs a meal replacer, but especially vegans, raw or otherwise, who may be struggling with nutrition.  Drinking one of these a day is great insurance that you're getting some key nutrients.  Also a reason I love it?  Even as a meal replacer, the carbohydrate content isn't through the roof.

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