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Let's talk about goals.  Goals are anything you strive to achieve, whether it be a better job, a higher paycheck, or a smaller waistline.  On this page, we're going to focus on the latter; a smaller waistline.  I plan to achieve this goal by setting short term and long term goals that are realistic and motivating, not impossible and crushing.

Current weight:  125 lbs

My all time low weight was teetering around 120 lbs, staying either a few pounds above or below.  My all time highest weight was somewhere around 180-200 pounds.  Those were dark days for me and I certainly didn't get on the scale until I had already begun losing a considerable amount of weight, which is why the exact weight is unknown.

I know that being aware of my calories, a smarter and healthier diet overall, and finding a way to implement exercise into my daily life in lieu of attending a gym are all crucial to losing weight.  Sure, I can lose weight by constricting calories, but that's silly.  Sure I can lose weight by exercising, but what's the point if I'm improperly fueling my body.  My preferred plan of attack?  A higher protein, lower carbohydrate diet paired with the Insanity workout.  Why Insanity?  I started it once and the kickstart it gave my metabolism was amazing.  Furthermore, when I do the Insanity workout, I feel amazing.  Knowing how good it makes me feel is motivation.

So now that you know how I plan on achieving my goals, let's talk about them.  First, I want to have three check points, or short term goals, leading up to my ultimate, or long term, goal.  Once those are in place, I have these smaller stepping stones to lead me to my long term goal for my 27th birthday.

Plan:  1,200 calorie days
Macros: 30/25/45
Protein: 135g/day

Short term goal No. 1:
February 14th:  120 lbs
Did I achieve my goal? [ ] yes [ ]

Short term goal No. 2:
March 29th: 115 lbs
Did I achieve my goal? [ ] yes [ ] no

Short term goal No. 3:
April 31st: 110 lbs
Did I achieve my goal? [ ] yes [ ] no

Long term goal:
July 27th: 100 pounds.

&& for the record?  I am starting 2014 after acheiving my long term weight goal of 125 pounds.  =D

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