Monday, August 17, 2015

Final Thoughts: Wild Rose D-Tox Herbal Cleanse

This cleanse was amazing.  I definitely felt better, and was noticeably more energetic by my peers by the third day.  My skin cleared up, and I wasn't bloated or dealing with any of my usual stomach issues.  I did visibly lose weight, but I didn't weigh myself for a before and after so I'm not sure how much weight I lost.  I wasn't really looking to lose weight with the cleanse so it wasn't a priority to track.

After the cleanse ended, I decided to experiment with reintroducing wheat.  I ordered pizza on Saturday (cheeseless of course) and ate it that day, as well as yesterday.  Yesterday morning, I noticed a breakout on my forehead, the kind that is a bump with no real head, and you can't really pop it.  Last night, I noticed another one on my chin.  I tried to lance them and pop them today to see if they would go away, but as expected, both are red, irritated, and have no head to them.  They are classic irritation zits and I am now completely certain that I am reactive to wheat.  Am I allergic?  Probably not.  I've eaten wheat my entire life and have never had anaphalactic shock.  However, I would definitely say that I am sensitive and reactive to wheat.  What this means for my life is that should I chose to eat it now and again, it's not the end of the world, but it's not ideal for my overall health.  Also interesting, I noticed my left foot was a little sore, whereas my overall body pain level has significantly dropped during this cleanse.

The final thought I would leave you with is this: if you are having unexplained health issues, or are just feel sluggish and worn down, I highly recommend doing a cleanse.  This cleanse was gentle and didn't interfere with my regular life, and was definitely effective.  It helped me pinpoint the source of some of my inflammation and skin issues, and I can't say enough about how helpful that is.

You can get this cleanse at most natural grocery stores, or on Amazon.  I actually received mine directly from Garden of Life.  I am one of their official bloggers, so I did receive this item free to try.  At no point did they actually require or even request a review, and they certainly accept my opinions at face value.  Overall, I really love the Garden of Life company and I'm happy to be an official blogger for them.

Monday, August 3, 2015

More Health Updates & Starting a Cleanse!

I am FINALLY starting my Garden of Life Wild Rose Herbal D-Tox Cleanse.  I've had it sitting in the cabinet for about a year.  I meant to do it when Aaron moved in last June, but it didn't happen for whatever reason.  I'm a Garden of Life blogger, so they sent me this cleanse to try based off of my lifestyle.  Fortunately it has a good shelf life or I'd be missing out!

All of this, plus my regular allergy medicine and my Spironolactone for acne.