Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Mail Time: Graze Box #2!

What's in my box this time!?

LITTLE FIGGY WENT TO THE MARKET:  Figs are not for everyone.  Suuuure, we all like them heavily processed with sugars in the center of a famous fig cookie, but dehydrated or pure?  I like them, buuut, I will admit to not being crazy about the smell.  I don't know what it is, they just have a funny smell to me.  In this little package, dried figs, apples and cranberries are dusted with rice flour (to keep them from sticking, but also adds a touch of sweetness).  It's a delicious combo, and it's packed with carbohydrates to keep you on the move.

BOOSTER SEEDS:  As soon as I saw this in my package, I knew that I wanted to save them.  I just finally got a blender/processor, and have a dehydrator, and have plans to use these to make raw crackers.  It's actually pretty hard to not tear them open and eat them plain because I know how insanely nutrient rich these are, and I have been very ill since Saturday, but I have bigger plans for these babies.. they deserve it.

DARK ROCKY ROAD:  This is awesome.  I am a huge fan of chocolate, I'm not going to lie, so anytime you put chocolate in something, as long as the chocolate is good, the rest will be good to me.  The Belgian dark chocolate buttons melt in your mouth and aren't waxy, and layered with the pecans and cranberries?  Oh, hello heaven.

HABAS TAPAS:  You may have been fooled into thinking I was the most excited about the chocolate in the box this time, but you are wrong, sir.  I love, love, LOVE barbecue anything.  Habas Tapas has jumbo chili corn, roasted corn and chili broad beans.  In my brain, chili and barbecue go hand in hand, so this little package got my taste buds fired up.  The flavor in this is amazing considering the smell would lead you to believe it was going to taste bland.  I can't say I'm crazy about the dried bean texture, but it's sure as heck not keeping me from eating it.

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Friday, November 8, 2013

Mail Time: Graze Box!

I heard about Graze through the lovely Mo, or as many of you know her, the owner and operator of Madd Style Cosmetics.  Mo & I love sharing our favorite things we find, so I knew if she was mentioning Graze, it had to be amazing.

What's in my box?

TROPICAL DAIQUIRI:  This was bizarre.  The lime was pronounced with each piece you ate, but it wasn't overwhelming.  I'd gladly get this again, but I put them on my try list.

  These were better than expected.  I wasn't sure what to expect out of this one, but I was happy when I tried them.  They seem less processed, and more like a snack bar you'd make at home.

  This reminded me of corn nuts, without tasting overprocessed and full of fillers.  These were delicious!  These are on my love list.

:  These were pretty good!  Anything that is vegan "dairy" tends to have some sort of artificial flavor, but with these it wasn't distracting.  I love cashews and I haven't had anything sour cream and onion in a decade, so these were a welcome treat.

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