Friday, November 8, 2013

Mail Time: Graze Box!

I heard about Graze through the lovely Mo, or as many of you know her, the owner and operator of Madd Style Cosmetics.  Mo & I love sharing our favorite things we find, so I knew if she was mentioning Graze, it had to be amazing.

What's in my box?

TROPICAL DAIQUIRI:  This was bizarre.  The lime was pronounced with each piece you ate, but it wasn't overwhelming.  I'd gladly get this again, but I put them on my try list.

  These were better than expected.  I wasn't sure what to expect out of this one, but I was happy when I tried them.  They seem less processed, and more like a snack bar you'd make at home.

  This reminded me of corn nuts, without tasting overprocessed and full of fillers.  These were delicious!  These are on my love list.

:  These were pretty good!  Anything that is vegan "dairy" tends to have some sort of artificial flavor, but with these it wasn't distracting.  I love cashews and I haven't had anything sour cream and onion in a decade, so these were a welcome treat.

Want to try Graze?  I have a limited number of friend codes right here to try your first box free!

Edit:  Want to try Graze but all of the codes above were used up?  Graze created a special code just for my readers!  Use code: BETHSNACK

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