Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Immunity Boosting Low Calorie Snack!

Keeping on with this immunity boosting trend I so desperately need, let's talk about a quick and easy snack I can make even when I barely feel like I can stand up... like now.

By the way: spicy is good, but if your throat is too raw,
feel free to eat mild guacamole, or just mashed avocado.
What do we need?
  • One Wholly Guacamole 100 Calorie Mini Packs of Guacamole in Spicy
  • One Red Bell Pepper, small to medium in size
  • A cutting board, a bowl & a good knife

Directions?  What directions?  Peel the lid off of the guacamole.  Cut the bell pepper into some kind of strips or pieces.  Done.

My cuts are far from uniform, but I am not a fancy chef, either.

It truly doesn't get any easier than that.  You could probably even get someone to make this snack for you without complaining too much.  So let's talk about what's in this and why it's beneficial to your immune system.

Truly a superfood in it's own right, avocado is packed full of the good fats your body needs, specifically speaking, omega-6.  It's rich in B vitamins, vitamins E & K, and many other amazing nutrients like glutithione and zinc.  It's also great for your skin and hair, and has been known to be worn mashed up raw on either as a nourishing treat.  Fun idea?  Mix it with some raw agave and spread it on as a mask for hair or skin.  Rinse thoroughly though, probably even following with shampooing and conditioning for the hair.

Red Bell Pepper:
These guys are a fantastic source of vitamin C.  Forget orange juice that's going to sting your sore throat, eat a red bell pepper!  It's also rich in vitamins B6 and beta-carotene (and it's important to note that of all bell peppers, red has the highest level of beta-carotene in it).  Why is beta-carotene important while you're sick?  Your body turns it into vitamin A, which helps fight viruses.

Nutritional Breakdown:Total Calories: 131-138
Total Fat:  9g
Total Carbohydrates:  10g
Total Protein:  2g
Total Vitamin A:  67%
Total Vitamin C:  219%
Total Iron: 4%

And also note: the potassium to sodium ratio is about 4:1 on this snack, which is really good for not retaining water and helping flush the system.


  1. I love using guacamole or even mashed avocado as a sandwich spread :) never thought to use it with bell peppers though!

    1. I will pretty much try anything with avocado once. Even cake mix. Was a little odd, but I also think my avocado wasn't quite ripe yet, haha. =]