Monday, March 18, 2013

Swedish meatballs, vegan style.

This is one of my all time comfort foods.  Whenever one of us is sick, or really stressed out, Clancy will whip this up and have it ready when I come home.  He knows it will always put me in a good mood, and is one of my favorite meals.  He wanted to make a mushroom gravy (my favorite), but I used them all for the baked polenta topping the other night.

I have no idea how many calories this has, and I don't care.
You have to treat yourself now and again, or what's the point?

We don't get to eat a relaxed dinner together often, so this combined with one of my favorite comfort meals put me right at ease.  I love that man something fierce.

How to make it?  We are usually eating on the fly so we tend to make things like mashed potatoes ahead of time and buy frozen Meatless Meatballs from trader joes... Only the gravy ends up being made fresh, haha.  I honestly don't know how to make it... Clancy always does the gravy.

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