Thursday, March 6, 2014

Day Five Update!

The scale is moving!  Nothing drastic, down to 127.0, which is 1.4 pounds lost in five days, and isn't bad.  I'm off the next two days and have a lot planned in the way of catching up on workouts because work has been wearing me out (excuses!!).  The simple fact of the matter is I haven't really changed anything about my lifestyle outside of the fucoTHIN Green & the meal shakes and have lost weight, which is the point.  If anything, I may be working out slightly less (but will make up for that the next two days, while I'm off and it's finally not -3 degrees out).

Overall?  The challenge is a success so far.  I'm seeing a difference, and I see and feel a difference in my body.  I'm excited to amp it up for the last half of the challenge and see what happens!

Also, I've felt hungrier, but I've only found myself craving good food, which is a great thing!  Love this!!  I have a feeling that when I finish this bottle of fucoTHIN, I will order another!

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