Sunday, March 29, 2015

REVIEW: My March Vegan Cuts Box!

I have been a longtime on again and off again subscriber of Vegan Cuts' Snack Box.  And full disclosure, this month the box was sent to me for free to review, so you may see slightly different items in my box than what you received.

Here's what was in my box this month (with details and reviews under the cut):

Some classic favorites and some new things to try!
Chic-a-Peas: I don't know what it is about this, but I'm just not crazy about them.  They're crunchy, they're slightly salty, they're tasty.. something about the texture gets to me.  It's the same thing that initially made me dislike hummus, honestly.  That said, I have overcome my dislike for hummus and now eat it like a hummus-fueled robot, so I have a hard time writing these off.  Especially because their nutritional info makes them a healthy potato chip alternative.  And that might be where the problem lies... I have a disgusting affair with potato chips.  Definitely give these a try, and try to get your kids hooked on these before potato chips steal them away.

Supereats Kale + Chia Chips:  First of all, the chili lime flavoring on these was spot on.  The main thing I struggled with was eating the whole bag.  They're really good as you first start eating them, but about half way through, I was over it and didn't want anymore.  Does that mean their filling?  Yes.  Does it mean they were satisfying?  Yes.  Does it mean that keeping this around instead of, oh let's say, potato chips could change my life?  Yes.  I'm curious now as to what other flavors are out there!

Ocean's Halo Seaweed Chip:  I have had Ocean's Halo chips many times.  I have even purchased them at Target when I saw them at the register.  They were delicious, and I love them crunched over some of the ramen creations Aaron and I come up with.  This are definitely worth trying if you like seaweed, or if you've never had seaweed.

Mighty Leaf Tea:  I got three flavors; Chocolate Mint Truffle, Marrakesh Mint Green Tea and Vanilla Bean.  I have actually had three before because I LOVE Mighty Leaf Tea.  Of these flavors, my favorite is the Vanilla Bean.  I love it so much and need to pick up a box when I get my current stash under control.

Fruigees Kalefornia Grape:  I love these.  I have gotten several of these in my boxes and I love them.  I need to start buying these for my lunches, but Aaron always laughs at me when I try to buy them.  I know he's not stopping me, it just always makes me wonder if I'm too old for them.. if I only had a toddler in the house!

Funny Face Cranberries in Choo Choo Cherry flavor:  These were really good.  They're lower sugar than "traditional sweetened dried cranberries", and they were still perfectly sweet and tasty.  I would give these to kids without worrying about a sugar high and subsequent crash.

Munkijo Coconut Water:  This was good.  I love coconut water.  I love when I can tell it's not pumped full of sugar, too.  There's not a ton to say about this; I would buy this brand of coconut water.

Atlantic Natural Foods Vegan Beef in Gravy:  This was really good.  I put it with rice and quinoa and it was tasty and had the perfect amount of gravy.  The only problem I found with this was that as soon as I opened the can, the cat went nuts and would NOT stop meowing and trying to get my food.  I wish I were kidding, but I'm being completely serious.

TCHO:  They make such good chocolate.  If you haven't tried anything from TCHO yet, you need to.  It's always so smooth and creamy, never waxy or weird.  It's so rich and just tastes like really good chocolate.  Go find some, buy it, and eat it.  You won't regret it.

Wild Friends Sesame Cranberry Peanut Butter:  I put this on waffles, because I'm weird.  It was really good.  I posted it on IG and my friend informed me they have more flavors, including an espresso vanilla almond butter.  I officially have a mission, get out of my way.

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