Wednesday, June 4, 2014

True Nutrition's Custom Oatmeal Generator is the Best!

Carl from True Nutrition recently asked me to try out the new Custom Oatmeal Generator (use code BBE100 for a discount).  As a huge fan of the Custom Mix Generators, I was stoked.  True Nutrition is already one of my favorite companies for their wide range of vegan proteins and supplements, friendly and helpful staff, and unique Custom Mix Generator.  I use their Custom Mix Generator to create my preworkout/postworkout as well as my protein shakes.  I love the versatility of the brand and how many options there are, even as a vegan.

The Custom Oatmeal Generator is honestly just as awesome to use.  I played with it a little before deciding what I wanted to try, and spoke with Carl for his suggestions.  Carl is always full of helpful information and has more than once steered me in the right direction when I wasn't sure what to do (and even a few times when I thought I knew what I was doing...)

I chose to go with the gluten free oats option because although I don't have Celiac, I do have Chrohn's and I do better without gluten overall.  Could I actually have Celiac issues?  Well, maybe but that's not the topic at hand.

I started doing a ridiculous amount of mix ins at heavy quantities.  When I realized that was a bad idea for oatmeal slash hot cereal if I didn't want it to turn in to just a bunch of nuts.  I discussed it with Carl and expressed my concerns over not really understanding if I should do light, regular or heavy on my add ins.  He suggested I actually go with light since I wanted so much stuff in it.  He warned me that it would end up becoming trail mix otherwise.  A big thank you to him for the clarification, because following his suggestion gave me the perfect mix.  I also couldn't decide between Banana Cake and Frosted Vanilla flavor, and he decided we'd just do both.  I am such an indecisive woman when it comes to food, haha.

My final mix was gluten free oats with light add ins of dried tart cherries, organic coconut chips, chopped almonds, chopped walnuts, organic cashew pieces, and organic shelled hemp seeds.  I have never liked runny oatmeal.  I have always cooked it longer to get that chewy texture.  This oatmeal with this level of add ins is like heaven to me.  The flavors were both absolutely delicious, but with my banana obsession, the Banana Cake flavor was definitely the winner for me.  In the end... I mixed the two together.

Aaron came to visit me.  Aaron is also a fan of True Nutrition since I introduced him to the site.  He gets a custom chocolate peanut butter protein mix.  He says we definitely have to start getting oatmeal with our orders.  He said it doesn't matter how much it costs, this oatmeal is worth it.  He was pleasantly surprised by the price.  For my mix, a pound (11 servings) is $13.69.

My mix: GF oats, dried tart cherries, organic dried coconut chips, chopped almonds, chopped walnuts, organic cashew pieces, organic shelled hemp seeds, natural flavoring and stevia
Price: $13.69 per pound
Servings: 11 servings per pound
Total Calories: 212 calories
Total Fat: 8.2g
Total Carbohydrates: 29.4g
Total Protein: 6g
Total Iron: 26%

Overall, I am really excited about the custom mix generator.  I definitely plan to add it into my regular orders, and I am excited about the endless amount of options.  This one was another success for True Nutrition.

Want to get a discount on your order?  Use the coupon code "BBE100".

Disclaimer:  My oatmeal was sent to me for review by True Nutrition.  I not only reserve the right to my honest opinion, but it is encouraged by TN.  I do not work for or represent True Nutrition in any way; I am concerned an affiliate due to my affiliate code.

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