Saturday, February 2, 2013

Mail Time: Conscious Box January!

This is the second month in a row that I was sent the wrong Conscious Box.  Total bummer, as a couple of the things I was excited to try aren't vegan.  I passed them along to a good home, but it still bummed me out.  Oh well, I've decided to cancel after this month anyways.

This month's box was curated by famous fitness trainer Joel Harper.  You can learn about him on his website,  The nice thing about a fitness trainer curating the box?  Lots of healthy snacks that I don't feel guilty eating!

In this box:
TeeChia Blueberry Date Cereal
Peeled Apple Clusters
Qbel Who Grain Crispy Wafers in Minty Mint*
Nutiva Organic Hemp Seed Shelled
Hail Merry Macaroons in Chocolate
Chio Co Pumpkin, Cashew & Chia Soup Mix
Waxelene Petroleum Alternative*
Larabar Uber Roasted Nut Roll
minteas Resist
Koopuwa Maakoa
Nordic Naturals DHA XTRA*
Kids SuperFood Wild Berry Flavor Drink Powder
Pamela's Brownie Mix*

* = not vegan

TeeChia Blueberry Date Cereal - this is something they want you to "activate" with water, then mix in with milk, yogurt, fruit, etc.  It's meant to be a super cereal basically, and is packed with healthy grains, seeds and oats.  This is definitely one of those no brainer foods to start your day off with right.  I'm not crazy about blueberries, buuut.

Peeled Apple Clusters - ingredients?  Just three, and all organic; apples, apple juice concentrate, potato starch.  GMO and gluten free, and definitely vegan, this is what snacks are meant to be.  The whole bag is 75 calories, and is purely carbs (17g).

Qbel Who Grain Crispy Wafers in Minty Mint* - well, this has egg in it.  Free range egg yolk, to be exact.  Which totally bums me out because my favorite flavors are matcha, pumpkin & chocolate mint.  We'll see what Clancy thinks of it.

Nutiva Organic Hemp Seed Shelled - I actually enjoy hemp seeds in my smoothies & protein drinks.  It has a bit of a spice or zing when you chew them up that I can't quite describe, and it is packed full of protein and Omega-3s.  I don't, however, think Clancy is too crazy about them.

Hail Merry Macaroons in Chocolate - not going to lie, this was the first thing I tore open.  It was so good, that I felt compelled to share, even though I wanted to keep them all for myself.  My co-worker is a personal trainer, and she was very satisfied with the ingredients and micros (per 2 macaroons; 130 cals, 11g fat, 10g carbs, 2g protein).  This is definitely a healthy snack that tastes like rich, decadent cocoa and coconut.  I could eat the whole bag in one sitting (but I won't!  Moderation!).  Even if I did.. at least it's good fat...

Chio Co Chia Shot - Chia seeds are, much like hemp seeds, high in protein, omega 3s, and dietary fiber.  They also do beautifully mixed into smoothies and protein drinks.  However, their flavor also apparently lends them as a neutral and vitamin packed boost to soups, yogurt, whatever, basically.   And yes, these ARE what gets fuzzy and green on a Chia Pet.

Waxelene Petroleum Alternative* - cool idea, but it's lost on me.  This is intended to be used all of the ways that petroleum jelly is used, but without petroleum.  The ingredient list is short, which I like; organic soy oil, beeswax, natural vitamin e oil, oragnic rosemary oil.  I'll see if Clancy wants it.

Larabar Uber Roasted Nut Roll* - I have never in my life had a Larabar I didn't like.  Period.  They have so few ingredients, the only way to not like one is to purposefully pick out a flavor with ingredients you don't like.  And that's not Lara's fault, now is it?  This one has honey, and is technically not vegan.  I'll probably give it to Clancy, as much as I want to eat it.

minteas Resist - Clancy gets the Trader Joe's version of these all the time, so there is a pretty good chance he'll steal these from me.  I really like them though, so I may put up a fight.  There is something almost medicinal to the taste, but not in a gross way.  I think it's the combination of citrus, mint & matcha.  I am definitely not complaining.

Maakoa Koopuwa - I have to admit, I have no idea how to pronounce this, or honestly, most of the ingredients.   It's essentially a superfruit juice.  From what I can tell, this is intended to be drank straight for the pouch.. I'm wondering how it would taste mixed into a smoothie...

Nordic Naturals DHA XTRA* - not vegan.  It's a fish oil capsule with all kinds of animal products/by-products in it.  I'm going to see if Clancy wants it, and if not, see if Carmen does.

Kids SuperFood Wild Berry Flavor Drink Powder - healthy kool-aid?  Oh, I am all about this!  This is essentially a flavored vitamin powder mix that they tell you to mix with juice or water.

Pamela's Brownie Mix* - Carmen knew this brand as soon as I pulled this out of the box.  It had "K Dairy" on the front, so I decided to play it safe and sent them home with her.  It was a gluten free instant brownie mix, and sounded like it'd come out really fudgy and dense by the ingredients.  She's going to give me feedback when she actually makes them.

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